Imran Khan special interview from London to Dunya News about future strategy who says PTI may join Tahir ul Qadri and PMLQ grand alliance post party consultations within leadership

Imran Khan confirmed to The News that he was in London to attend a fundraiser and to spend time with his children and had no intention of being part of any alliance.

Khan told The News exclusively that reports that he was taking his party into an alliance were “absolutely” incorrect.

The confirmation from Imran Khan came as the Chaudhry brothers and Dr Tahirul Qadri entered into an agreement to launch a joint movement against the current set-up.

PTI spokesperson Shireen Mazari had said that Khan was in London not for any political meetings but speculation remained rife that the presence of three anti-PML-N party leaders at the same time could lead to the formation of an alliance. But Khan poured cold water on any such development and said that any decision in the future would be taken in consultation with his party.