Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif Press Conference after meeting with Indian counterpart N Modi.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said his meeting with Indian Premier Narendra Damodardas Modi was productive and held in a conducive environment.

“I made it to here on invitation of Mr. Modi and I felt delighted to be here,” said Sharif while addressing the media in New Delhi.

Modi had invited Nawaz Sharif in his swearing-in ceremony in New Delhi on May 26, which was accepted by the Pakistani premier after consulating relevant stake holders in the country.

“He [Modi] invited me and I responded positively.” Nawaz said he also feels privileged to be here after a long time. We will transform hostility into friendship. The air of lack of confidence and cooperation should now clear, added Mr. Sharif.

The Pakistani prime minister said Modi endorsed my views on peace resolution.

He was of the view that economies [of both the countries] cannot flourish without restoring peace.

This meeting will yield positive results in future. Pakistan and Indian have uniform agenda to improve economy, said Mr. Sharif.

He said Pak-India relations were entering new era.

“We agreed that common issues could be sorted out through people to people interactions.,” concluded the Pakistani PM.